Wisconsin Jobs Now!


Sign here to support a $15 Wisconsin minimum wage!

State Representative Melissa Sargent has authored a bill that would raise Wisconsin's minimum wage to $15. She knows that if we want to speed up the recovery, we need to make sure jobs allow people to afford the basics.

Sign our petition to our state's elected officials! Together, we can end the growing gap between the rich and the rest of us. →

Putting more money into the pockets of ordinary Americans is a no-brainer. Economy-boosting jobs = pay enough to spend. Economy-busting jobs = full time workers need public assistance.

People who work for a living should be able to live off of their wages. The minimum wage needs to be raised, bottom line. For many families, a $15 minimum wage is the difference between living on the brink of poverty and having just a little breathing room. 

When people don't have money to spend, demand goes way down. Sign the petition today to boost Wisconsin's economy by boosting Wisconsin's working families! 


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